T/S Devastates Capvva – Prayers Needed

Haiti and its most vulnerable people are in a state of crisis as the country recovers from yet another natural disaster.  Tropical Storm Isaac brought pounding torrential rains that caused flooding and destroyed many of the temporary shelters that were set up after the earthquake in January 2010.  People who were already in a fragile state are now even more fragile.

One of the tent camps affected was Capvva, located just outside of Cite Soleil. Join the Journey has been journeying with this community of earthquake victims since March 2011. We have sought to seek to instill processes for progress and economic empowerment, while also demonstrating the love of God through compassion projects. Isaac was a blow to this progress but the people are showing that no matter what, they will persevere.

With nowhere else to go, those whose tents were destroyed are huddling inside the church, sleeping on the ground with blankets. It is a scene that humbles the heart, because it makes those of us with homes realize just how privileged we are. What’s more, due to the flooding, the crop yields in the camp have been damaged and food is scarce.

Join the Journey remains committed to the journey of Capvva. Our immediate aim is to purchase enough sacks of rice to feed the entire populace, which is about 300 families. Coordination/planning is underway to facilitate this food distribution over the weekend, made possible by the generosity of individual donors and our Haiti field coordinators James Dorzil and Clemson Saint-fleur.

This tropical storm has instilled a new sense of urgency to relocate people from tents into more permanent housing. JTJ is moving forward with a plan to relocate those of Capvva. We’re starting out with two ladies, chosen by a specific donor who is sponsoring their move. These ladies will find a suitable rental property and then be given a special rental grant set to pay for the first year’s rent. In moving these ladies, we hope to build a model for the procedure and eventually move the entire camp.

As a faith-based organization, we know that God is sovereign and see this storm as part of His perfect plan. Thus, we are letting Him lead the path as the people of Capvva and JTJ take the next steps.

Let us join together in prayer: Lord, we thank You for life and that even in tragedy, people can still take a breath and wake up anew. You are the Creator. You have made this earth and redeemed this earth through the blood of Your Son. May each of us, walk boldly as salt and light, so that even in challenging circumstances, we display your unconditional love. Please be with those hurting and in need. We love You Lord and know that You will never leave nor forsake us. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.