From the Director: Seeing God Move in the Areas He’s Asked us to Steward

Over the last month I’ve been reminded that we are moving in God’s timing and God’s ways. The Lord has brought together a unique team on the ground in Haiti and put each in roles that are enabling Join the Journey to soar to new heights and be more intentional with the needs of Capvva, our primary journey work [updates on that team soon to come in our staff section]. Such a semblance of duties is allowing us to keep a heart to evangelism, compassion, and taking the necessary steps to make relocation happen.

For relocation, we took giant step forward recently when we received a certificate from the government of Croissant des Bouquets that essentially permitted the use of the land for those in Capvva. Our immediate next step is to sort of mark out the land in Titanyen so that others will not lay claim to the same patch. The process will also help us to make a formal site survey and assess how much acres there is to work with. Overall, there is concern from the population in Capvva about water access and electricity, since these are essential elements to inhabiting a new area. The population in Titanyen is currently paying for trucks deliver water, which then needs to be specially treated [due to the water tables, salt water is an issue there and why wells have not yet been dug there]. So much still to understand and assess. Praying on the next steps.

Even as we work diligently to facilitate the relocation of Capvva to Titanyan, we continue to walk alongside those who have moved out of Capvva with the help of rent grants. We have recently gotten reports that the one-year rents provided are almost up and the beneficiaries don’t have the funds saved to extend to another year. JTJ issued micro-loans to these individuals in April and those loans, while proving successful, have yet to bare enough fruit to cover the $500 needed for rent. We are closely monitoring this situation and asking the Lord for wisdom and additional provision to assist. We are looking at ways to provide rent loans that would lump into the micro-loans that the beneficiaries are currently paying off.

On the compassion front, we’ve made a significant step to help kids in Capvva attend school. As initially discovered by Chris Meisinger’s Compassion Trip, JTJ recognized that the kids of Capvva are not in school because they lack uniforms and proper shoes. JTJ recently launched the “Back to School” compassion project, which seeks to give the children the needed school uniforms and shoes. Sparked in large part by Dr. Lerla Joseph’s work to combine hearts of Richmond churches, we will soon be distributing 90 uniform/shoes. Thanks Lerla and thanks to God!

In the area of spiritual empowerment, James is working closely with the community in Titanyen to build church there. Efforts are ongoing. Let’s pray that more are “thirsty for the Gospel” as James has shared.

In all things, we just lift our eyes and know that He is God—and ever present in our steps.

All for His Glory,

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