From the Director: Reflecting on the Journey with Capvva

Deliverance. A new beginning is coming for the people of the tent city of Capvva. The solution is not picture perfect, not brand new homes for all, but the people are receiving grants to move out and move forward.

I personally stepped into Capvva in September 2010, about 9 months after the earthquake that displaced more than 1 million people. The conditions there moved me, and we as an organization set ourselves on a journey to uplift them spiritually and physically, and empower them to enhance their lives.

And so here we are. Finally seeing a next chapter unfolding for Capvva, Praise be to God. JTJ can’t take credit for the rent grants or the people’s endurance to this point, but we have been blessed to be part of the journey.

So what next for JTJ? Where will our journey lead as the people we were so dedicated to diverge in multiple directions? Praying on that question for sure. Personally and as an organization we remain committed to the least of these. But we’re doing some soul searching and intentional assessment so that our next steps in Haiti and with the world’s poor set a worthy benchmark in empowerment.

For now, we remain intricately intertwined with Capvva until the last person leaves and the last tent is torn down.

Pray with me for each of these families as they join new communities and restart their lives.

In all things, to God be the glory.


Moving out-Moving on for Capvva

The day has finally come for Capvva. Thanks to the Haitian government-backed/UN migration agency (IOM)-facilitated program of rent grants, the people of Capvva will be able to choose a house of their liking to rent for a year. Below are some details so you all, as our prayer warriors and supporters, can be intentional as this process unfolds.

Where things now stand: The people of Capvva are in the process of finding homes – once homes are indentified with official terms of lease, the International Organization for Migration then distribute the $500 (20,0000 gourdes) grant to each family head to move into the respective home. Capvva, as a tent city, will subsequently will be closed, with the tents and other makeshift facilities built there removed. It is estimated that this process will take several weeks such that the community will be fully moved out by the end of July.

JTJ’s Role in the Process: We are keeping a close pulse on the process overall – and continuing to facilitate our programs of compassion and empowerment all the way up until Capvva departs (i.e. summer camp food distribution [just held], jewelry micro-enterprise development, Bible study). Our field coordinators are assessing where people intend to move, so that they can continue to pour into their lives. Most of the people are moving to Titanyen, a rural area where there have been no restrictions on land, and we are already assisting the church there.

What will JTJ do with funds raised for relocation of Capvva?: Our intention is to identify the most vulnerable individuals–single mothers with several children–and provide compassion grants to them to assist with move out and also re-starting their lives. We realize that even after rent grant-facilitated move out occurs, those families will need aid to sustain themselves through the transition. We have funds only for a handful families but we hope to at least make an impact in the families that are selected for this. [We appreciate any additional support for this]

Will JTJ still look to ‘relocate’ families to their own land and build homes for them?: This is still a vision JTJ would like to achieve but it is unlikely JTJ will be able to achieve this for all former families of Capvva. The new vision is to purchase land that can be a site for families that want to invest in long-term farming and work together as a cooperative.

How will JTJ be involved post move of Cavva?: It is difficult to say for certain since we want to re-focus on empowerment projects that involve agriculture, micro-enterprise, and training in the tech sector. We realize we have a strong connect with these people and want to maintain that.

Our Prayer: Lord, be in this time of transition. We are thankful that You have opened a door to make this a reality for these people who have waited so long to move on. Be with every family right now as they search for a new start and then take those steps to re-start. Guide us, as JTJ, to best serve Capvva during this transition and then after. You are sovereign Lord and we thank You for what You’ve done and what You are going to do.