Our hope and prayer for 2013: Relocation for Capvva

Jan. 12, 2013 marked the third year since an earthquake crippled Haiti and stripped more than a million from homes.

Three years. That’s a small percentage of a life span but it can seem like an eternity when you are living out of a tent and struggling to survive each day.

Join the Journey has been journeying with a tent village of earthquake victims called Capvva, one of a dwindling number of tent camps still hosting victims.

Members of Capvva have fought off storms and banded together to host schooling for their children. They are a resilient people but still face overwhelming challenges in the conditions of living in such a temporary environment.

JTJ’s strategy for 2013, one shared by the government of Haiti and the International Migration Organization, is to close Capvva down, to relocate every member to more permanent housing by either rental grants or building houses for them to live in on usable land [away from the current site]. While to this point, we have sought to empower those in Capvva to move out, we feel that the proverbial ‘chicken before the egg’ is move out and then empower.

As such, we’ve worked diligently to create relationships in an outlying area called Titayen, whose community leaders have offered space for building without charge.

There are some potential partnerships in the works and we are awaiting to see how the government/UN fund specific projects, but in the meantime, we continue to plan and pray for the steps ahead.

Three years is too long. We hope you join us as we see Capvva members truly get back on their feet by getting a roof over their head.