Updates on the Journey

Aid Delivery in Puerto Rico 

JTJ has linked arms with Iglesia Gracia Redentora, who are serving as the hands and feet of Jesus to help Puerto Rico citizens who have lost nearly everything because Hurricane Maria. JTJ provided a small compassion offering so that the church can purchase basic goods and distribute locally.

Below are some of the highlights of iglesia Gracia Redentora’s efforts to aid Puerto Rico communities since late October to now:
– Corozal: Provided 100 bags of groceries to residents
– Adjuntas: Provided 200+ food bags with water
– Vega Baja: Revitalization efforts – cleaning / removing trees
– Isabela: Deliver 100 food bags/ 1,200 bottles of water/ hygienic products / water filters/ baby supplies.


Xavier Torrado, pastor of Iglesia Gracia Redentora, walks with a bag of groceries to deliver in the mountain of Corozal in Puerto Rico. We are partnering with Iglesia Gracia Redentora to give aid to families in Vega Baja and adjacent towns such as Corozal.

More photos of the distribution:

From our latest newsletter, published on Oct. 16, 2017

Empowering change

We are seeing lives change in the Philippines, Haiti, and Cameroon as micro-enterprise projects take hold there. And as the wreckage still consumes Puerto Rico, we are rapidly working to connect with local partners to deliver aid. God is at work in all…as we journey in and with Christ.

Raising chickens

Philippines: We have been partnered with a local church, Potter’s Clay Baptist Church, for the past year to minister to the physical and spiritual needs of a local village in Bago City. We issued funds in June to provide 10 families a batch of chickens and the necessities to raise them. The program seeks to provide an additional livelihood source in between harvest seasons. The chickens are expected to be full grown by November and ready to lay eggs. Through the efforts of this program, more people in the community have joined the weekly Bible study and have turned their curiosity about the chickens into an equal curiosity about Jesus.

Cameroon: We assisted two widows in the town of  Batibo headquarters of Momo division with a similar poultry subsistence program initiative as we have been executing in the Philippines. This program is being run by our JTJ Cameroon branch and efforts are narrowed to provide beneficiaries more substantial impact. The widows have been raising 50 birds, which are now nearly ready for market. 

VBS in Haiti

We helped provide meals in Titanyen as we continue to pour into the community there. Visit our Flickr for full collection of images. https://www.flickr.com/photos/jointhejourney/

Micro-loans in Haiti

Janine Gelin is one of 5 beneficiaries of a round of micro-loans we issued in the town of Titanyen to help businesses acquire the necessary capital to maintain as business. Beneficiaries have used the fund from everything to market-stall like convenience shops to cell phone minute recharge outlet. The program recently completed with all participants paying back the first round of the loan. As such, there are three candidates from the first initial 5, Janine included, that seek another loan. There are also 5 additional candidates selected to start the loan process.