From the Director: Reflecting on the Journey with Capvva

Deliverance. A new beginning is coming for the people of the tent city of Capvva. The solution is not picture perfect, not brand new homes for all, but the people are receiving grants to move out and move forward.

I personally stepped into Capvva in September 2010, about 9 months after the earthquake that displaced more than 1 million people. The conditions there moved me, and we as an organization set ourselves on a journey to uplift them spiritually and physically, and empower them to enhance their lives.

And so here we are. Finally seeing a next chapter unfolding for Capvva, Praise be to God. JTJ can’t take credit for the rent grants or the people’s endurance to this point, but we have been blessed to be part of the journey.

So what next for JTJ? Where will our journey lead as the people we were so dedicated to diverge in multiple directions? Praying on that question for sure. Personally and as an organization we remain committed to the least of these. But we’re doing some soul searching and intentional assessment so that our next steps in Haiti and with the world’s poor set a worthy benchmark in empowerment.

For now, we remain intricately intertwined with Capvva until the last person leaves and the last tent is torn down.

Pray with me for each of these families as they join new communities and restart their lives.

In all things, to God be the glory.