Philippines Poultry Empowerment Project

Project Description:  Provide poultry livestock to members of an extremely poor district in the barangay of Sum Ag on the island of Negros. Poultry will be used to supplement the villagers income during off-season harvests. Each beneficiary will get six chickens. The program has been diversified to provide pigs if a beneficiary prefers that to chickens. As well, some members have opted to receive capital to start a local convenience store called a sari sari store.

Background: The barangay of Purok is the poorest district in the barangay of Sum Ag. Most of the villagers live on less than $100 dollars per month. Most of the villagers are rural farm workers who till the land for the wealthier farm owners. In between harvests, the people of the village work as trisikad drivers. Others work in bakeries as helpers and the wives work as laundry women, or helpers at home for the affluent. While these jobs help provide for basic needs, it is a struggle.

Join the Journey has partnered with Potter’s Clay Baptist Church, led by Pastor Monico Gomez, to assist those in Purok with empowerment opportunities and the Gospel. Potter’s Clay Baptist Church leads a weekly Bible study in the district Purok and developed the poultry program to provide increased livelihood to the community members. An initial batch of poultry was distributed to 10 beneficiaries in early June and then another 5 last November. A final 5 are awaiting chickens/sari sari store empowerment funds.

Potter’s Clay Baptist Church is a church plant  with about 25 people who attend weekly worship. God is continuing to pour seeds into this ministry as we walk alongside them to reach their community. Because of the outreaches, the church is now up to 50 people per week.

Project Costs: Funds will provide 6 chicken, funds to set up a pen, and food for the chicks

About Sum Ag:

Sum Ag is a small village with a population of about 11,000. Purok is a depressed part of the barangay. Potter’s Clay Baptist Church has been ministering there on a consistent and routine basis. Most of the people here lack basic infrastructure

About Pastor Gomez:

Pastor Monico Gomez is a graduate of Bible Missionary Association Bible College, a widower with 7 children . He started this mission 5 years ago until now.