About Us

We are a Christ-centered, compassion-in-action organization set on moving with God and those He has called to build a better future through community building, meeting needs, and discipleship.

Our Mission

Equipping those passionate for Jesus and the local church the world over to serve the most hurting, providing physical relief while providing biblical context/discipleship to individuals within impoverished communities

Our History

JTJ formed at in 2009 as an advocacy through media org that had a heart for Christ and compassion to the least of these. We then channeled our energies into journeying with a tent camp in Haiti called Capvva that formed after the 2010 earthquake that left more than 100,000 people displaced. Our journey in Capvvsa ended in 2014 when members of the community where given U.N.-sponsored grants to move out and the camp was closed. We then delved into agricultural development in partnership with the Foundation for International Development Assistance/productive cooperatives Haiti and a began walking alongside an agrarian Haitian community called Zoranger. Today, we are a mix of our past and present, moving to spread Christ’s love to those in need on a global level and integrating development principles for sustainability that we’ve learned along the way.