2012 Recap

A family stands in front of their home made possibly by a JTJ rental grant. Rental grants were a big part of JTJ’s efforts in 2012.

Looking back on 2012, we at Join the Journey can characterize this year’s journey by the tangible set of human emotions we witnessed: resilience, hope, joy.

Resilience in the face of setbacks and continued hardship. Hope for something better and hope in Jesus—always. Joy for change – and the new possibilities that come with change.

Join the Journey spent another year intertwined with the Haiti tent camp of Capvva, a village of earthquake-displaced people that we’ve been journeying with since 2011.

Through direct aid, empowerment interventions, and continual encouragement, we were able to see people better their lives, push through hardships, and for some, move out of the tent camp to permanent housing.

Our most successful endeavors alongside Capvva were to issue micro-loans to help Capvva residents re-start businesses and provide rental grants to allow residents to rent permanent housing for a full year. We also worked with Life Change Apparel to deliver two water tanks to the community, one dedicated to rain harvesting/crop use and one for drinking.

These successes did not come with setbacks. Over the summer came two tropical storms, Tropical Storm Isaac and then T/S Sandy, hitting very close to one another. Both wreaked havoc on the temporary shelters that could not withstand such a downpour.

After these storms, residents of Capvva huddled together in a church and made it through what were difficult days following. And they kept making it through, day after day.

That resilience continues as the journey continues into 2013. There is a tangible trust in God that is inspiring. No matter the hardships, no one is giving and they believe in a better future.

For JTJ, a stark realization came to us after the summer’s storms: relocation has to be the primary emphasis. The extremely degraded conditions of Capvva will not allow for empowerment principles to take root – getting people out and into a sustainable living area is the only way for people to move on. We’ve already moved a first batch through rental grants and hope to take advantage of land offered to us in a rural outlying area called Titayen to move the majority of Capvva residents.

As the journey continues to unfold, we invite you all to join it…with your prayers, time, resources, whatever you can offer. The only way it will move forward is through a multitude of helping hands.

Let’s put it all before the Lord: Lord, we thank You for sustaining Capvva to this point, even through the hardships. We thank You for sustaining their hearts. We know it is not easy to deal with these things they are dealing with. We pray that you provide the path for them to move out of Capvva in 2013 and truly re-start their lives. It is only through Your sovereign hand that anything can be achieved. We put all these needs and requests before you, Lord. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.